Awards Terms and Condition

Application process

  • All applications/nominations must be submitted using the prescribed application forms.
  • Applicants are required to provide information for the year under review of the award or earlier years as specified. The performance of an applicant during the financial year (between 1st April, 2022 to 31st March, 2023) would be considered.
  • Applications in multiple categories are encouraged; however, each application must be completed separately. Application for each category shall be treated as independent of other application(s) for qualification and evaluation.
  • For the purpose of evaluation, information furnished in the application would only be considered. For corporate award categories, applicants are requested to provide link to annual report of their company pertaining to award period.
  • Additional supporting material may include corporate videos, brochures, advertisements, photographs and other documents. Submission of supporting material is optional.
  • Material/document received by FIPI shall not be returned to the applicant(s).
  • The application forms and supporting material should be sent through email. A hard copy of the same can be sent by post or courier.
  • Approving authority should not be below the rank of Head of the Department (HoD)/ Regional Head/ Director/ CEO.
  • Young Achiever of the Year Award - Only 3 nominations each (Young Achiever - male/female categories) from an organization duly endorsed by Director (HR) in case of PSUs and CEOs of private Companies would be considered.
  • Woman Executive of the Year Award - Only 2 nominations from an organization duly endorsed by CMD in case of PSUs and CEOs of private Companies would be considered.
  • All application/nomination and supporting materials must be received by 1700 hours on 02 March, 2024.
  • Incomplete entries will not be considered for any of the categories.


  • Each award category needs to receive minimum number of entries for further evaluation. In case minimum number of entries are not received for any category by the last date of submission, FIPI reserves the right to drop the specific award category.
  • For the purpose of evaluation of quantitative parameters, best applicant against specified parameter shall score maximum and be considered datum for comparison with other entries unless otherwise stated against the parameter.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • Evaluation of qualitative parameters is subject to the judgment of the Awards Committee and the Jury.
  • The decision of the Jury will be final and binding for all award categories and cannot be appealed in any court of law.
  • Applicants are advised to strictly comply with the word limit specified against each qualitative parameter. Any major deviation from the prescribed limit may be viewed unfavorably by the Awards Committee and the Jury.
  • Award Committee may call the applicant for a brief interaction at a mutually determined date and time. Applicant will have to bear all the expenses of traveling, boarding & lodging etc.


FIPI and associated agencies would not be obliged to share any information provided by applicants and/or the evaluation criteria with any agencies or individuals other than those involved or engaged by FIPI, the Awards Committee members and the Jury.

Applicants are requested to specifically identify in the applications, any confidential information they have furnished for due treatment by FIPI and agencies or individuals associated with awards evaluation. All other information received will be treated as fit for dissemination as deemed fit by FIPI.

Deadline - 02 March, 2024

Mail to:

Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry

PHD House, 3rd Floor,

4/2, Siri Institutional Area,

August Kranti Marg,

New Delhi - 110 016, India