ETT Meeting


ETT Meeting

The Energy Think Tank, at its meeting on December 24, 2015 hosted by PetroFed, was presented a brief on the India Energy Outlook – 2040 of the International Energy Agency. It also discussed the Vision and Mission Statement of PetroFed as well as its recommendations on the fiscal and contractual regime for award of hydrocarbon acreages.

The IEA recommendations and deliberations at a roundtable meeting on the subject were presented to the members of the ETT by DG PetroFed, Dr. R.K. Malhotra.

A presentation was made thereafter on the process for formulating a Vision & Mission of PetroFed by Shri S. Rath, Director (E&P), PetroFed. The members of the ETT offered their suggestions on the various issues being contemplated for inclusion.

The members of the ETT were presented a copy of the recommendations submitted by PetroFed to the Government of India regarding revision of fiscal and contractual regime for award of hydrocarbon acreages. The ETT members decided to review the recommendations at their end also and develop additional recommendations, if required, for submission to the Government.

The meeting was earlier called to order by the Convenor Shri J.S. Oberoi who requested for being relieved from the responsibilities of the Convenor. All members paid glowing tributes to him and decided to appoint Dr. C.R. Prasad as the new Convenor which was accepted by him.

As requested by all members Shri T.N. R. Rao agreed to continue to Chair the Think Tank as heretofore.