Roundtable on National Energy Policy


Roundtable on National Energy Policy

Addressing the energy challenge has been acknowledged as an important requirement for India’s economic growth trajectory. A comprehensive National Energy Policy (NEP) is considered imperative to provide direction for achieving energy security, affordability and sustainability.

The Energy policy in India, and the hydrocarbon sector in particular, needs to be viewed with a fresh perspective to address various issues. To develop comprehensive recommendations from Oil & Gas sector, PetroFed organized three Roundtables of (about two hours each) for Upstream; Refining & Marketing; and Natural Gas, Pipelines & Infrastructure (liquids & gas) on October 5, 2015 at New Delhi.

Each round table discussion incorporated representation of industry leaders & experts to seek their views on various aspects of the oil & gas sector and submit recommendations for inclusion in NEP. The issues of policy initiatives to improve the performance of the oil & gas sector as well as reduce import dependence were taken up in respective sessions. The sessions were moderated by PetroFed knowledge partners from leading consulting firms. In addition, the issue of pricing/ supply, impact of energy efficiency and climate change was also deliberated. The experts emphasized on the policy enablers which will allow enhancing global competitiveness of Indian Oil and Gas sector.

After the deliberations a draft on policy recommendations for inclusion in the National Energy Policy was prepared by PetroFed.