9th Industry Educational on Trends in Oil and Gas Management & Technologies


9th Industry Educational on Trends in Oil and Gas Management & Technologies

FIPI has an ongoing MoU with University of Alberta, Canada for promoting management & technical training and facilitating technical & professional exchanges between the two institutions. Under the MoU, Industry Educational and Collaborative Research programs have been organized for the benefit of its members. These programs have proven to be highly educative & useful and have provided an opportunity to the participants to update themselves with the technologies of the future.

Encouraged by the past response, FIPI in collaboration with the University of Alberta has organized the 9th certification program entitled “Trends in Oil and Gas Management & Technologies” on September 16-22, 2018 with an additional emphasis on Risk Management and a special feature this year was visit to Fort McMurray which covered tour of Oil Sands mining & upgrading operations. One week program covered areas like:

1. Academy-Led Engineering Safety and Risk Management

2. Innovations in Alberta’s Energy Sector

3. Financial Management in Oil and Gas

4. Industry-led Oil and Gas Safety and Risk Management

5. Tour of oil sands mining operations

6. Tour of Fort McMurray area

7. Enhancing Environmental Performance

8. Site visits to upstream and midstream headquarters

9. Site visit to downstream/pet chem producer

The program was designed for the benefit of all the three streams: Upstream, Downstream & Midstream.

Seventeen senior executives from various oil & gas companies viz, Cairn Oil & Gas Vedanta Ltd, Oil India Ltd, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd and Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry participated in the program.

97% of participants rated the program as very good/excellent, which signifies the importance of the industry attraction to the educational program.

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