Virtual Workshop on Enhanced Oil Recovery


Virtual Workshop on Enhanced Oil Recovery

A virtual workshop on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) with the theme “EOR Enablers -Technology & Policy Framework to leverage EOR Potential in India” was organized by Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (“FIPI”) on 11th December 2020. The Union Cabinet approved the policy to incentivize the enhanced recovery methods for oil and gas in September 2018. Workshop was organised to refresh the latest technology developments, academic researches and policy support required in the space of EOR.

Dr. R.K Malhotra, DG FIPI delivered the welcome address. In his welcome address Dr. Malhotra said that, FIPI has been deliberating on the tweaking required in EOR framework. He further said that, the issues flagged during the workshop will be recorded and key points will put in form of key takeaways and the same will be shared with government & DGH for necessary improvements required in the EOR policy.

Shri Amar Nath, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas in his welcome address highlighted the investment challenge faced by the upstream industry in the time of energy transition. Speaking about adoption of technology, he desired that the workshop should bring out emerging innovative ideas, use of digital technology, nanotechnology etc. and based on it. He asked FIPI to submit a report to government for consideration.

Panel Session: Technology & Policy Framework to leverage EOR potential in India

Mr. S Roychaudhury, Director, Strategy & Business Development, Antelopus Energy, moderated the panel session. In his opening remarks he said that, technology providers have a lead role to play in extracting the vast amount of oil in more efficient and environmental friendly ways. Panel discussion saw deliberation on the subject from experts belonging to industry, academia, technology and policy stream of EOR.

Some of the key takeaways from the panel discussion are given below

Majority of Indian oil fields are mature and they need rejuvenation. Industry and academia must collaborate to develop academic expertise, setting up of research laboratories to bring new innovation the field of EOR. A supportive policy for EOR can give a win-win situation for the government and the operator. To bring about a change in the national perspective, young brain needs to be targeted. Indian talents need to be closely associated with globally renowned universities for driving out the fear of unknown of taking the process from laboratory to field. Creation of an ecosystem similar to that of Colombian business model involving partnership with technically and financially robust companies will be a game changer and will benefit everyone. If EOR has to be successful, the whole value chain must be optimized. Production system, process system and disposal system has to be optimized. EOR is not an event, but it is the culture in the company. Whole system has to be geared up. If EOR has to be implemented, companies have to take the challenges associated with EOR.

At the end of panel discussion, Mr. S Roychaudhury said that, one of the key elements to drive the growth of EOR in India is to have a group of passionate professionals. Creating and nurturing of these professionals will be the hallmark for all the oil and gas operators operating in India.

Shri SCL Das, Director General, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons in his closing remarks said that, EOR is the need of the hour for India as majority of current production comes from mature fields. He said that, a symbiotic kind of partnership between the academia and industry will work with the support from overall fiscal and policy framework. Shri Das further said that, contributions from the workshop will come handy for the committee and the team DGH will do its own advocacy in terms of supporting the best of the recommendations. He asked FIPI to compile the issues deliberated in the workshop and send it to DGH on the aspects of policy domain, fiscal domain, technology domain and system domain.

Shri T.K Sengupta, Director (Exploration & Production), FIPI delivered the vote of thanks. He thanked the panelists & moderator of the Panel session for the fruitful discussion on the subject of EOR and bringing out new ideas.

Virtual workshop saw participation of close to 235 delegates from the industry, policy regulator, academia, and technology & service providers.

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