Corrosion Awareness Meet


Corrosion Awareness Meet

Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) in partnership with NACE International organized a ‘Corrosion Awareness Meet’ during the pre-launch of CORCON 2019. The event was held on 24th July 2019 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi in which a select gathering of industry professionals participated.

The event saw presence of executives from a diverse range of organizations from oil and gas sector, fertilizer, power, technology & service cos and DRDO alongwith senior executives from NACE and FIPI.

The welcome address was given by Mr. Tushar Jhaveri, from NACE, who gave an overview of NACE and the purpose of organising this meet. Mr. N.K. Bansal, Director (Oil Refining & Marketing), FIPI in his address gave an overview of FIPI and highlighted the importance of awareness of corrosion and its management in all the activities of life including industrial processes to ensure trouble free, reliable and efficient system management.

Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali, distinguished Scientist and Chairman, Heavy Water Board, Government of India made a brief presentation on the basic aspects of corrosion. He mentioned that corrosion is a natural phenomenon, which cannot be eliminated but by adapting proper measurers, its acceleration can be reduced which will increases the productive life of a system.

The presentation was followed by a round table discussion. Dr. R.K. Malhotra, Director General, FIPI initiated the proceedings of round table and requested the participants to share their views and issues on this critical subject.

During the discussions, participants shared their views on various circumstances leading to the corrosion in the industrial eco systems. Notably among these are Corrosion due to external environment such as high level of humidity and temperature, Internal corrosion due to cooling water quality, Developments of microbes inside the equipments causing corrosion and Chemical corrosion specially attack of hydrogen on metal. Participants shared their efforts to control corrosion and issues where more actions are required.

Following key points emerged from the discussion: • There is need to have an agency with competency and experience in India to measure the impact of Hydrogen attack on metal and workout residual life of the system. • Each case of corrosion has some specific reason which initiate & accelerate it and must be probed. • Effective corrosion management is only possible if adequate considerations are made during the designing stage itself. • There should be a structured mechanism to tackle corrosion problems which can identify the cause, have effective measurement system and lead to appropriate control methods.

The vote of thanks was given by Mr. T.K. Sengupta Director (E&P) FIPI who thanked the participants for bringing up several critical issues relating to industrial corrosion and NACE for partnering with FIPI in holding this precursor event to CONCOR 2019 being organised by them in association with FIPI in Sept 2019.