R & D Conclave 2018


R & D Conclave 2018

Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) alongwith industry partners organised R&D conclave 2018 during August 22-24 2018 at Goa. The conclave, focussing on the theme ‘Shaping the future through R&D’ covered topics like Alternative Energy & Emerging technologies, Innovation, Production Optimisation, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Heavy oil exploitation, Digital Refining, Oil spill mitigation and covered the entire spectrum of R&D in the upstream and downstream segments of the Oil & Gas business. It also included a panel discussion on HR & Material procurement issues and a special session on Impact of Digitalisation on R&D.

Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) on Hydrocarbons, MoP&NG and INAE Satish Dhawan Chair of Engineering Eminence, BARC was the Chief Guest at the conclave. In his inaugural address Dr. Kakodkar underlined the importance of R&D and emphasised that R&D effort should focus on Energy security & sustainability, cutting down of import bill and climate challenge. He also stressed upon the need to create network and collaboration to improve the efficiency of translation of R&D ideas from lab to commercial implementation. He also underpinned the need to benchmark R&D effort of Indian oil and Gas companies with their international counterparts.

The two-day conclave at Goa received an overwhelming response from the industry with the presence of around 100 delegates from companies representing the entire spectrum of oil & Gas sector. The event attracted scientists and experts from India as well as abroad and as many as 30 papers were presented on various topics at the conclave. The session-wise list of the papers presented can be seen here. The presentations invoked keen interest from the audience and the ideas presented by the experts were very much appreciated. The intensely debated and interactive sessions made the conclave a highly successful one.

PwC has been engaged as our knowledge partner to summarise the findings and recommendations arising out of the R&D conclave and the report shall be shared with the members soon.

Report on R&D Conclave 2018 - Shaping the future through R&D