Seminar on ‘Unconventional Energy Sources’


Seminar on ‘Unconventional Energy Sources’

The seminar on "Unconventional Energy Sources" was organised by Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) in association with Energy Think Tank on July 16, 2018 at India Habitat Centre. The seminar saw large industry presence along with few veterans.

At the outset, Dr. Malhotra, Director General, FIPI welcomed the esteemed audience and also stated that the topics for discussion were of prime importance considering India’s growing demand for energy and the need for reducing import dependence.

Dr. S. K. Roy, Advisor, DGH delivered a talk on the status of Shale Oil & Gas campaign in India. While explaining what the term “unconventionals” truly meant, he also made lucid the concepts of shale gas. Along with dappling with the questions on whether US shale gas boom can happen in India as well and which basins in India have the potential, he also explained to the august audience on how much gas/oil is actually trapped in shales and what the volumes would be like. The potential basins for shale oil and gas exploitation are Cambay, KG, Gondwana and Vindhyan basins and the approximate reserves are around 96 TCF according to one study (EIA/ARI Assessment) and 6TCF according to the other study (Resource Assessment USGS, 2012). He emphasized the need for proper resource estimation.

Game changing technologies such as horizontal drilling and multiple stages hydrofracturing was delved into and resource estimation methodology was also discussed inorder to estimate shale gas reserves in India. Dr. S.K. Roy concluded the engaging discussion by stating the existing work done by various companies in this field and what would be the future of Shale Gas Exploration in India.

Shri Gaurav Dixit, Dy. Suptdg. Geo-Chemist, ONGC spoke on the Gas Hydrate campaign and its future road map. While briefing over the concepts of gas hydrates and where they are essentially found, Shri Dixit also emphasized on the applications of Gas Hydrate R&D and production technologies and global developments in gas hydrates. In the presentation, he also mentioned the campaign of Gas Hydrate Exploration in India termed as NGHP (National Gas Hydrate Programme) steered by DGH as the technical wing of Government of India and supported by ONGC, GAIL, OIL, IOCL, NGRI, NIO & NIOT.

He briefed about the outcome of NGHP-01 and 02 and mentioned about the discovery of a large Gas Hydrate field in the deep-water of KG 98/5 in Bay of Bengal and how the estimated reserve is around 933 TCF. He stated that the NGHP-03 will be taken up shortly after gaining more confidence based on research work on production technology by scientists of Japan, China & US for Gas Hydrate exploitation. Shri Dixit also threw light on Gas Hydrates R&D in India, ONGC’s Gas Hydrate Research Centre and the challenges in the production of the same.

Prof. K. K. Pant, IIT Delhi spoke on Methanol Production from Coal Gasification route and explained the current issues at hand and the road map for methanol economy. Addressing on the motivation behind Coal to Methanol, Prof. Pant also threw light on pilot plant demonstration, catalysis and scale-up technologies of Methanol production from Indian Coal.

An engaging and stimulating session of questions and discussions was held post all the presentations and the speakers provided clarifications on a variety of queries raised by the audience.

Shri Anil Razdan, former Secretary, Power, Government of India and Special Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural presented the concluding remarks. While he complimented FIPI in organising a seminar which was very pertinent and the need of the hour, he also emphasized on the fact that due steps need to be taken so as to make sure that technologies discussed are put to effect at the earliest. He also urged the younger generation of professionals in the Oil and Gas Industry to proactively contribute to this process of “Change”.

The Vote of Thanks was presented by Shri T.K. Sengupta, Director (E&P), FIPI. Shri Sengupta thanked the august audience for their participation and stated FIPI was indeed going to act as a pioneer in bringing forth both experienced personnel as well as new generation professionals to such engaging platforms so as to bring about constant dialogue and development to the Oil and Gas arena.

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