Seminar on “Gas based Economy & LNG”


Seminar on “Gas based Economy & LNG”

A seminar on “Gas based Economy & LNG” was organized by Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (“FIPI”) and “Energy Think Tank” which was held on 19th May, 2017.

The seminar was focused to deliberate on the roadmap which India can follow in for next 10 years for growth of natural gas share in primary energy basket of India.

The eminent speakers of the session were both from industry and consulting background i.e. Mr. Prabhat Singh, (Managing Director & CEO, Petronet LNG Limited), Mr. Rajeev Khanna (Senior Advisor, Ernst and Young) and Mr. Rajeev Mathur (Managing Director, Mahanagar Gas Limited).

The session started with a welcome address by Dr. R K Malhotra, Director General, FIPI.

Dr. C R Prasad, Convener, ETT gave his opening remarks and introduced speaker to the audience.

Mr. Prabhat Singh in his address, shared his view on global LNG market; how LNG market has changed its course from a closed club of major players to introduction of new small players. He mentioned that with the exploration of shale gas, the potential reserves are available for next 240 years. He mentioned that with new small players coming in the market there is a disruption towards conventional way of doing business. He shared the idea of saving average costs of transportation to the tune of USD 0.43 / MMBTU by mapping all sources / markets and if optimized. The idea of mapping LNG business with technology integration was his idea to bring in disruption in the conventional way of doing business so as to bring greater flexibility in global LNG market.

Mr. Rajeev Khanna in his presentation highlighted the industrial corridors which are under development which will be the potential regions for natural gas consumption. He highlighted the need of a comprehensive Gas Road Map with a proper plan on flow of capital required for infrastructure development and detailed national level project planning.

Mr. Rajeev Mathur in his presentation spoke about the potential scale of developing city gas distribution. He mentioned the extent of penetration PNG can have in smart cities which require planning at the City Master Plan stage. He also mentioned about development of green highways and collaboration between automotive sector and gas industry to make such plans economically viable.

The session was followed by Q&A / Open House.

Vote of thanks for the session was given by Mr. S Rath, Director (E&P), FIPI.